How To Vote

How To Vote

Visit the profile page of the cutie you’re supporting and vote. Cost may vary.

Register to get daily free votes.
Vote via PRSMS (only available in SA).
Vote via Credit Card, Zapper or PayPal.
Redeem Bonus
Register to redeem free votes.

Why can't I enter?

Entries for next month close 3 days before the end of the month. This allows our team to approve photos and check for duplicate entries.

Your kid will take part in the following month.



Require some information about how the Cute Kid SA competition works?

Please take some time to read the Help section below. If you still require answers to your questions please feel free to send us an email.

We do ask that you take some time to see if your question has been answered below before contacting us. Please visit the How it Works page to see how the monthly Cute Kid SA competition is run.

  • What are the age requirements for Cute Kid SA?

    Cute Kid SA is open to children aged between 0 – 9 years.

    Please read our rules before entering.

  • Can I enter siblings as 1 entry?

    Yes, we recommend that you enter siblings as 1 entry rather than enter multiple entries. As this is a voting competition it would work out more cost effective to do so. You can enter a maximum of 4 children per entry.

    All entrants are required to be aged between 0 and 9 years. Please upload an image with all siblings in the 1 photo.

    In the name field, please include the names in this format. Example: Joe & Jill

  • Can I take part if my child has won before?

    No. You cannot to take part again.

    No person or persons sharing the same residential address may win more than one (1) prize valued at R1,000 or greater in a six-month period. This six-month exclusion period includes our Voter’s Prize (if applicable) and applies to all our competitions; Cute Baby SA, Cute Kid SA, Cute Pet SA, Super Cute SA, and Cute Couple SA.

    Although checks are carried out by the promoter to ensure that previous winners are not actively taking part during this exclusion period, an entry belonging to a previous winner can be removed and/or disqualified at any stage of the competition.

  • What prizes are on offer?

    From October 2023 the prizes are:

    1st Place: R5,000 cash

    2nd Place: R3,000 cash

    3rd Place: R2,000 cash

    4th - 7th Places: R1,000 cash each

    8th - 15th Places: R750 cash each

    Those in places 16th - 25th can get a head start with 5,000 bonus votes for the following months competition.

    (Prizes up to September 2023: 1st place: R10,000 | 2nd place R5,000 | 3rd place : R3,000)

  • How do I vote?

    There are multiple ways to vote for the Cutest Kid.

    Free methods: Each registered account can apply 10 free votes each day. These votes will be available just after midnight each day. From time to time Cute Kid SA will provide a bonus codes which can be redeemed for free votes and applied to a Cute Kid. Please make sure you Follow Cute Kid SA on Facebook as well as on Instagram and watch out for any SMS communication from Cute Kid SA.

    Paid-for methods: Votes bundles can be purchased via premium rate SMS, credit card, Zapper and Paypal. Further T&C's apply for paid for voting.

  • How do I vote via SMS?

    There are 3 options to vote via SMS.

    i. Send unique voting ID to 42037 for 5 votes (Cost R2.00/ R0.40 per vote) 
    Example: ka230300 to 42037

    ii. Send unique voting ID to 38636 for 40 votes (Cost R10.00/ R0.25 per vote) 
    Example: ka230300 to 38636

    iii.  Send unique voting ID to 42033 for 150 votes (Cost R30.00/ R0.20 per vote) 
    Example: ka230300 to 42033

    Please note: The 3 short-codes used to vote via SMS in Cute Kid SA, i.e., 42037, 38636, and 42033 are managed by our short-code provider. When you vote via 42037, 38636, and 42033, your mobile network provider will charge you accordingly, then deliver confirmation to our short-code provider. Cute Kid SA then sends you a “thank-you” SMS confirming receipt of your votes.

    Free and bundled SMS do not apply. Errors will be billed and cannot be reversed. Do not include any extra characters, words or phrases. Please ensure you get bill payer's permission. SMS voting available subject to your mobile phone settings, contract limits and monthly limits may apply. The promoters support and encourage responsible voting.

    SMS voting is not available on FNB Connect.

  • How do I vote for free?

    Ensure you sign-in to your Cute Kid SA account. Or create an account if you have not already done so.

    You will need to activate your mobile number via an OTP (One Time Pin) if you haven't already done so. Select the child you wish to vote for and navigate to their unique link. In the 'Vote' box click on Free Votes. Then click on 'Vote Now'.

    Daily FREE votes will be applied to your selected entrant.

    Parents of participants are encouraged to invite friends, family, and colleagues to vote daily for FREE. They don’t have to enter the competition or even know the Cute Kid to cast a vote for the child they feel is the cutest of them all.

  • How do I redeem a bonus code?

    Cute Kid SA provides Bonus Codes during the competition which can be redeemed for FREE votes.

    To redeem a Bonus Code, sign-in to your account, navigate to the child you want to vote for, select 'VOTE' and 'REDEEM BONUS, then paste or type the bonus code (as it appears) into the box and click 'APPLY'. The bonus votes will be automatically assigned to the selected child.

    A Bonus Code can be used only once per registered user.

    If the message displayed is 'BONUS CODE DEPLETED' it means that the max. number of 10 x Bonus Codes have been allocated to the participating child already.

  • Can I vote for my own child?

    Yes! You can vote for your own child as many times as you wish, using not more than 2 registered accounts.

    Cute Kid SA has systems in place to expose voter fraud. If your intention is to create and verify multiple accounts and use these account to vote for your child your entry will be flagged and removed from the competition.

  • I received an ‘Oops entrant is not recognised’ SMS reply after voting.

    If you receive an SMS response message saying ‘Oops, we didn’t recognise the entrant you are voting for or you are voting incorrectly. Please refer to Errors will be billed’, this means you are voting incorrectly.

    Ensure you vote in the correct format, as below:

    For five (5) vote, type the unique voting ID number and send message to 42037. (Eg: ka1201234 to 42037) (Cost R2.00)

    For forty (40) votes, type the unique voting ID number and send message to 38636. (Eg: ka1201234 to 38636) (Cost R10.00)

    For one hundred & fifty (150) votes, type the unique voting ID number and send message to 42033. (Eg: ka1201234 to 42133) (Cost R30.00)

    Some common problems that can result in error messages include:

    Adding a space(s) first before entering your unique voting ID (sometimes this happens when you copy and paste).

    Adding extra characters, words, or phrases.

    Using an invalid voting ID or using a unique voting ID from one of our other competitions.

    Because it is not obvious that you have inadvertently included a space or spaces when viewing your mobile phone screen, it is better to start a new SMS message when submitting your unique voting ID.

    SMS voting is not available on FNB Connect.

    Please note that errors will be billed and cannot be reversed. Cute Kid SA will do it's best to manually allocate these votes to the correct entrant throughout the competition. However, the responsiblity remains with the voter to vote in the correct format.

  • I am having trouble voting via SMS?

    Unfortunately due to the fact there are so many networks, contracts and mobile makes, we simply aren't able to troubleshoot every SMS query. Your network will be able to advise you accordingly.

    We have outlined four the most common reasons you might not have received an SMS reply message after voting;

    Reason 1 - You are messaging to the incorrect short code. Please use either 42037 (Costs R2); 38636 (costs R10) or 42033 (costs R30)

    Reason 2 - Ensure network coverage, phone settings and your specific contract allows for using Premium Rated Short Message Services (PRSMS). Search Google 'activate premium SMS service on my mobile device' for more details.

    Reason 3 - Insufficient credit or message not sent. Ensure you are topped up with prepaid airtime (not data or SMS bundles). Some contracts may restrict access to PRSMS without using prepaid airtime.

    Reason 4 - Network and/or Contract limits. If you have previously voted and received response SMS confirmations and now you're not receiving them then it is likely that your network or contract has a limit on how many premium rate SMS’s you can send during a month. Adjust your limit on your phone: Vodacom *135# MTN *136*5# Telkom dial 180.

    Please remember that, SMS voting is not available on the FNB Connect network. Free and bundled SMS packages do not apply. All votes cast by SMS will receive an SMS response message from Cute Kid SA confirming receipt and confirming the number of votes cast. All votes are updated on our website at least 12 hours later and it can take up to 30 minutes to receive a response message.

  • My Mobile Phone failed to send the SMS

    If your mobile phone displays a failed message or indicates that the message has not been sent then please do the following:

    1. Check if you have sufficient credit if you’re on pay as you go.

    2. If you are on a contract your contract may require you to top up airtime (NOT data or SMS credits) in order to send premium rate SMS’s.

    3. Check if your handset allows for the use of short-code SMSs. You may need to change your settings.

    4. Check if there is good mobile network coverage in your area.

    If the problems persists, please contact your mobile network provider for assistance.

    We would love to advise all voters on what the issue may be but unfortunately due to the fact there are so many networks, contracts and phones on the market we are simply unable to pinpoint what the exact issue may be. Your mobile network provider will be able to advise accordingly.

  • How do I find my child’s photo?

    To find a child's photo on the Cute Kid SA website you can either:

    Use the search function on the competition page

    OR If you have logged into your dashboard, click on the 3 dots on your child's profile image, then select 'Profile'. You will be taken to your child's profile page.

  • Can I change my child's photo?

    Yes! You can change your photos at any time. Please login to your account to change your photos.

    Once logged in please click on your name under ‘MY PROFILE’. From here you will be able to upload an alternative photo or crop or rotate the photos.

    Any photo changes are reviewed by our team so please allow up to 24 - 48 hours for the photo to be changed. Your may need to refresh your internet browser or clear your internet cache to view the new updated photo.

    If you have already shared the unique URL on Facebook and wish to share again with the new image then you will need to visit Please paste the unique url here. Click on debug and then on scrape again. You will then be able to share on Facebook and the new image will appear.

  • How do I access my dashboard?

    When you first created your Cute Kid SA account and entered into the competition, you would have received an account activation email with your password, which is required to access your account. Your username is the email address you used when creating your account and entering. 

    Likewise, anyone who would like to vote for a participating child can register at any time in order to obtain free daily votes and apply any bonus codes that will be made available during the competition.

    If you have forgotten your password or did not receive the account activation email, please navigate to our account tab and click on 'FORGOT PASSWORD', then check your email inbox (including the spam folder) for our newly sent account activation email and follow the instructions to access your Cute Kid SA account.

  • Can I see how many votes my child has?

    To view the number of votes, your voting report and voting breakdown please login to your dashboard.

    To view the votes cast by YOUR ACCOUNT.

    Select votes from your dashboard.

    Votes shown on your dashboard are the votes received since activating your account.

    Note that any paid-for votes cast when not logged will not show here.

    To view the ALL votes cast by EVERYBODY

    Login and hover over the 3 dots on your child's profile.

    Click on Voting report.

    Click on Download all Votes' to download a XLS spreadsheet.

    Please note the votes can take up to 12 hours to reflect.

  • How safe is this site & can you assure me your site is not gathering details for illicit reasons?

    We take your privacy very seriously. We will certainly send you details about the competition via email and SMS during the course of the competition, but we will definitely not sell your data to 3rd parties that will send you countless SMS's every day. For more please read our PRIVACY POLICY.

  • Why are participants paused?

    It is not our intention to penalise a child and all participants are subject to the same rules. This is a system process. The threshold is made known to all entrants and is to secure the legitimacy of the competition and to ensure our team can monitor and take action against fraudulent voting. Our competition takes place over a 1-month period and is designed to be a fun and interactive competition.

    In order for our competition to be fair and give children an equal opportunity to take part; children with 50,000+ votes will be paused until the last 14 days of the competition. The paused child will be made active 14 days before the end of the competition and participate without any further restrictions.

    You may see some entrants paused with more than than these votes and it may seem unfair and this is explained by way of an example below;

    If an entry has 49,000 votes and purchase a bulk vote bundle of 5,000 votes the participant would then be paused with 54,000 votes.

    It is entirely possible to purchase a 5,000 vote bundle when there is a Triple Whammy bonus day and the participant would then be paused with 64,000 votes (49,000 + (5,000 x 3) = 64,000 ).

    Vote bundles are purchased in R50, R200 and R500 increments, it's impossible to 'give change' or take part payments.

  • When do you announce the winners?

    The 25 winners of each month’s Cute Kid SA competition are announced on the 5th day of the following month or on the next working day if the 5th day falls on a weekend or a public holiday. The announcement will be made by 2pm on the day and will be broadcast on our Cute Kid SA winners page and via our Facebook page.

    Cute Kid SA will also contact the Top 25 winners directly via email within 24 hours of the announcement.

  • Is Cute Kid SA a scam?

    Cute Kid SA is run by Cutify Media & Marketing (Pty) Ltd who has been running the Cute Kid SA competition since 2015.

    Entry to the competition is free and you don’t have to vote if you don’t want to. We don't sell your data to 3rd parties.

    Cutify Media & Marketing adheres to a Code of Conduct as set out by the Wireless Application Services Providers’ Association (WASPA).

    We have numerous checks in place to monitor potential fraud during the competititon and conduct a full audit once the competition has ended. Any attempts to rig the competition in violation of the competition T&CS or rules will result in instant removal of the offender(s) or the re-awarding of prizes.

    We believe in being open, honest and transparent and present all voting data via your dashboard. We aim to resolve all voting issues or queries timeously.

    Our Cute Baby competition has been running since October 2014 with Cute Kid SA launching in 2015. Cute Pet SA was launched in 2016. We launched Cute Couple SA in 2017 and Super Cute SA in 2018, both of which are annual competitions.

    You can also check out our Facebook pages for each – Cute Baby, Cute Kid, Cute Pet, Cute Couple and Super Cute.

    We wish to remind the South African public to be extremely wary of copycat sites operating similar competitions in South Africa. Some of these competitions are fraudulent and there are no prize payouts.

  • Can I remove my child from the competition or delete my account?

    Yes, you can remove your child from Cute Kid SA at anytime, please LOGIN to your dashboard. Click on the 3 dots on the child you wish to remove. Select 'DELETE'. Your child will be automatically removed from the competition. Please note that your child cannot be resinstated once deleted. We are unable to refund any monies spent on votes if a child is removed from the competition.

    To remove your account with Cute Kid SA please contact us with your details and a member of our team will remove your account.

  • My question hasn’t been answered here

    We’re sorry about that, we thought we covered everything. Please use the contact us and we’ll get back to you with a reply within 24 hours.

  • I have a login, password or OTP issue

    The Account Activation Procedure

    Once an account has been created we will send an activation email along with a temporary password. Please click on the link within the email to activate your account. It is recommended to change your password to something more memorable once you have logged in.

    For security reasons you are required to click on the link within the activation email with 72 hours. Note that replying with your email address to this activation email will not work. You need to click on the text ' Confirm my email address'.


    If you have not clicked on the activation link please check your email, including promotional folders and spam for this email and follow the instructions.

    If you have not clicked on the activation email within 72 hours you will need to complete the online form on our contact page. A member of our team will authenticate your account and reset your password. Please watch out for an email with a temporary password.

    If you have the correct email address and password and are still having issues please ensure that you haven't included a space first (or last) when inputting your email address or password. Also ensure that you don't copy and paste your email address and password into the relevent fields. Some browsers may put special unseen characters when you paste. It's best to manually type your details into the relevent fields.


    If you have forgotten your password please click on 'forgot password' at the login page. You will be sent a new temporary password via email. Please check promotional folders and spam.

    If you still dont receive a temporary password via email within 15 minutes then please complete the online form on our contact page. We may need to authenticate your email. Alternatively it may mean your email address does not exist on our database. Please ensure you are using the correct email address.


    To apply free daily votes you will be required to authenticate your mobile number by inputting an OTP once you have loggin into your dashboard.

    If your mobile number is incorrect you won't be able to change it yourself. Please complete the online form on our contact page and request the change. Please provide the old mobile and the new mobile number. Our team will perform some security checks and change the mobile number for you. You can then proceed with the OTP verification process.

    Please note that the accounts can only be created by those with South African mobile numbers as the OTP process only works with a South African mobile number.

  • Our zero tolerance policy against fraudulent & unnatural voting

    Cute Kid SA has adopted a zero tolerance to breaches of our RULES and TERMS & CONDITIONS and monitors participation throughout the competition.

    Regular audit checks identifies entries that may be receiving votes in a fraudulent or unnatural manner. If an entry is flagged it is monitored and then removed with a strict 'no refund' policy. We also conduct regular audits on all registered account users that have voted for your entry and these users may be removed.

    Using the email + password (accounts) of others to vote multiple times on their behalf is strictly forbidden, as this impacts those who are playing fairly and will jeopardise your entry in our competition. It goes against the spirit and fairness of our competition and will not be tolerated. One individual may register a maximum of 2 accounts with Cute Kid SA.

    All decisions relating to the competition participation and/or redemption of the prizes is final. No discussions or correspondence with parents of entrants or any other person will be entertained.